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Conventional RUBBER ROLLER MACHINE used by small scales Rubber Planters haven’t under gone much change since its invention. While many of the similar machines in industrial world have been modified or developed to suit the new era, rubber roller machines never adopted any changes either in shape or in working prince pull. They remain heavy, more space occupying more manpower and/or electricity consuming. Ideal monoblock rubber roller machine A Light weight, Single unit, Effortlessly operated, More effectively electrically operated and cost effective rubber machine solves these issues.

while conventional rubber roller machines used two independent roller unit for thinning down and imprinting the rubber sheets, In ideal monoblock machine one single unit does both the jobs, Rollers are much effortlessly turned even for imprinting the sheet and for operating electricity. This machine incorporates only a 185w(1/4 hp)motor thus consuming much use electricity cooperated to conventional electrified roller machine, also making it puss but to operated from invertors and solar power.

This machine also features unique safety measures like insulated foundation of motor to privent the chance of electric shock while operating. The finger protections guard protects operations hand from getting trapped in rollers.

Because the unit is comparatively light , easy for conveyance and mobiuzation any ware.

ideal monoblock machine is central government patent protected

Conventional Machine Ideal Monoblock Rubber Machine
Involves two independency roller units. Involve only one unit making it space effective
Monophysical efforts to operate manually especially to turn the imprinting rollers Much efforts to operate manually
Require 1 HP motor to electrify Uses only a 1/4 HP motor this possible to detente from invertors or solar power
Require minimum 20 SQFT space to install Require only 9 SQFT space to install
No safety measure against electric shock in electrified machines Insulated foundation of motor prevent electric shock
No safety measure for hand/finger protection Finger protection guard protect hand from trapping in rollers
Difficult for mobilization due to heavy weight and bulky size Easy for mobilization due to light weight